Wedding Workshop — A Midsummer Dream

We had the pleasure to have our wedding stationery be part of a most dreamlike wedding workshop yet.

Created for the wedding workshop called “A Midsummer Dream” hosted and founded by the amazing creatives Mathilda Hildingson + Nathalie Myrberg (Babes in Boyland) and Linda Eliasson.

We are delighted to finally showcase these absolutely beautiful photos of our wedding stationery.

The workshop took place in a charming old chapel in a village in Uppland, Sweden. Right in the middle of the woods, the workshop entertains that specific feeling of Scandinavian melancholy and simplicity. A touch of rustic and overall bohemian, mystic undertone, can easily be seen throughout this project.

Or as as Linda Eliasson describes it: “Our workshop is not your ordinary classical wedding workshop; we want to give the participants something down-to-earth and simplistic. It takes place in a beautiful village Tärnasjö, Sweden, in a summer setting.

About our wedding stationery

We have created a full 4 piece wedding invitation suite, as well as a menu, befitting that “midsummer dream” concept of the wedding workshop. Our wedding stationery was meant to blend in seamlessly. In order to do so, we have decided to go with neutral, earthy tones for the paper.

Having a minimalist design, handmade paper was our choice for all the elements of the suite. Alongside our trademark floral blind emboss, the textural detail of the handmade paper made it fit perfectly in this robust, unassuming Swedish summer setting.

To best compliment the wedding stationery, we have also added a pretty wax seal from our collection. From our handcrafted handmade paper envelopes to the timeless design, the attention to details was meant to shine through.

Working alongside such creative and talented people has made our participation in this project a complete joy. So, we are more than proud to share the final result.

If you want to see more of our bespoke wedding stationery, head over to our Collection page.
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Concept & planing: Mathilda Hildingson + Nathalie Myrberg from Babes in Boyland and Linda Eliasson
Stationery: Papira
Photo credits: Linda Eliasson
Beautiful props: TinekHome

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