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Ways You Can Add Wax Seals Throughout Your Wedding Stationery

A personal favorite of ours: Custom Wax Seals

Wax seals are a great way to incorporate that personal special detail to a couple’s wedding stationery. A very popular layer of personalization that we gladly recommend our clients to add. Throughout this article, I would love to give you some ideas on where and how you can add custom wax seals to your wedding invitations and not only.

The wax seals are made using a wax seal stamp and pressing it onto sealing wax to create an impression. Wax seal stamps are manufactured using a mechanical process, from brass, and have a wood handle. At Papira, we make our very own Wax Seal Stamps. They are available in various sizes and shapes and colors. One of the most used wax seal shapes is the classic round one, and close behind is the more and more popular square one. Other shapes used are the oval wax seal and the rectangular one. The wax seal stamps are manufactured using a mechanical process, from brass, and have a wood handle. 

To offer a bit more background to the use of wax seals, historically they were used ever since the middle ages. Meant to seal special or official documents and letters, the unbroken envelope seal was proof that they weren’t tampered with. 

Years and years later, wax seals are being used to enhance and bring a certain tactile feel to our wedding stationery and other invitations for a significant event in people’s lives.  

We have incorporated custom wax seals from very early on to our designs. We seal each stationery piece individually, by hand, with the stamp created specifically to match the couple’s invitation. A true labor of love, we believe wax seals have the power to transform paper goods items into something memorable and unique. 

Wax seals can be added to Engagement Announcements, Save-The-Dates, Bridal Shower Invites, Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Invites, the classic Wedding Invitations, Envelopes and even day off stationery, such as Place cards, Menus, Escort Cards/Seating Chart, Wedding Programs

Here are some of the stationery items where you can include a custom wax seal.

Save the Date with wax seal_Papira
Vellum invitations with wax seals_Papira

Place Cards with Wax Seals_Papira

Menus with Gold Leaf and Wax Seal_Papira



Letterpress Wedding Invitation with Wax Seal_Papira
Place Cards with Wax Seals_Papira



Handmade envelopes with wax seals_Papira


Place cards With Wax seals_Papira

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