Day of Stationery Items You Should Consider For Your Wedding

Everything from ceremony programs, seating cards, table numbers, and menus is included. When it comes to the Day of Stationery, you should consult with your designer approximately two months before the big day. This will provide you plenty of time to design everything exactly how you want it and have it printed and delivered in time for the wedding!

This is a comprehensive list to get you thinking about what day off wedding stationery you will require.

Ceremony Booklet/ Program

Traditionally, a ceremony booklet specifies everything (literally, the order of service) that will be read out by the officiant throughout the ceremony. 

These are optional, particularly if the ceremony is brief. They are used for the wedding service and if you choose to make them, they contain information such as the names of the bridal party, the officiant’s name, the plan and songs, music, and so on. These vary greatly across religions and can also be used for civil ceremonies.

Quotes or poetry, bios of the bridal party, “in memory of” tributes to loved ones who have passed on, or a thank you to the parents and guests might all be included to make the program more unique to the day.

Place Cards

Place cards are set at each guest’s seat to indicate where he or she should sit. They are typically used for sit-down dinner events and assist the venue in determining which guests will get which meal. These can be included as part of a favor left for each guest.

Escort Cards 

Escort cards assist guests in finding their assigned tables. Individual cards or a sign listing the names of guests and their assigned tables are typically placed at the reception’s entrance. Similar to place cards, escort cards are more common in the United States, although they allow for greater creativity than place cards. 

Seating Plan/ Table Plan

Seating or table plans are displayed at the reception area’s entry, and they offer your guests a blueprint of the table layouts so they may quickly find their seats. These can connect to place cards, escort cards, and table numbers (names).

Table Numbers

Essential to include, especially if you’re planning a large wedding. It assists guests in locating their seats and offers some organization. Make sure the numbers on the cards are large enough for everyone to see.

Menu Cards

Menu cards provide a summary of the meal’s offerings. Some will provide menu alternatives (entreé, sides, and dessert), whilst others (buffet or family-style) will just contain the cuisine on offer.

One of the more underappreciated wedding décor aspects is menu design. It may appear to be a little detail in the midst of a stunning tablescape that has been meticulously prepared, but it is far from it. Because so much thought goes into what’s on the menu, a similar level of thought should go into offering guests a sneak peek of what’s in store.

No table setting is truly complete without a gorgeous menu to complete its look.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are sent to your guests immediately after the ceremony to express gratitude for their gift and attendance at your wedding. Thank you cards may also be used to express gratitude to bridesmaids, flower girls, and the host of your bridal party.

If you wish to put photographs from your wedding on or in your thank-you notes, you may do so later.

Special Mention: Vow books

Even the most prepared wedding vows will undoubtedly be a blur after you say “I do” when you’re happy — and terrified — standing at the altar. Don’t allow the most private aspect of your wedding day to slip away as you go on to your celebration and honeymoon—rather, capture your treasured words in a vow book.

Whether your vows flow naturally or you struggle to condense all of your emotions and thoughts into a few phrases the morning of, writing them down in a vow book can help them live on forever—even becoming a cherished keepsake for future generations. The book may be used for notes, early drafts, and, eventually, the perfect mix of words you utter on the actual wedding day.

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