4 Ways You Can Customize A Semi-Custom Invitation

4 Easy Ways You Can Customize a Wedding Invitation Suite from Our Semi-Custom Collection


Wedding invitations are more than just the first element created in the process of your wedding. Sending and receiving invitations are an experience in itself. When people aren’t used to getting beautiful stationery through the mail, the anticipation of receiving such a rare package can be a most exciting moment for the attendees as well as the sender. 

While invitations are meant to inform the guests of the time and location of one of the most important events in a couple’s life, through the right customization, the suite can let them know so much more. From the theme of the wedding to the style, color palette, and so on.

As a couple, you want to surprise and make the guests look forward to your event, and this can be achieved if you make sure to send off wedding invitations filled with your personality. Not overlooking any small detail, subtle changes to models from our collection of Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations can transform and make the suite into your very own.

To aid you on your own journey of creating your big day’s invitations, take a look at these 3 ways you can choose to customize our semi-custom designs. Your guests will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness to create something unique, by using or even combining some of the customization options outlined here:

1. Change the color palette

One of the easiest ways to make the stationery suite your wedding theme, style, and personality is by changing and combining the colors of the paper and/or ink and embellishments to your preferred ones.

2. Change the type of paper

Another easy change is to use either handmade paper, card stock, or a combination of the two. The texture and feel of the paper used can easily transform the overall sentiment of the suite.

3. Change or add embellishments

From custom wax seals, fine twine, vellum paper wraps/overlay, envelope liners to hand-applied gold leaf, embellishments can elevate your wedding invitations and give them a whole new look, feel and texture.

4. Change the printing method

One last change we suggest, but definitely not the last, is to change the type of printing method used for the text and graphics. A letterpress and foil press printed invitation immediately gives off a more impressive and luxuriant feel to the suite.

The choices are varied and depend heavily on each couple’s personality and preference.

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