The 2024 PAPIRA Letterpress Calendar

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The 2024 PAPIRA Letterpress Calendar

A one-of-a-kind desk calendar


The pages are made from handmade paper, with those sought-after raw deckled edges, full of texture.


The impressions of the blind embossing and letterpress printing techniques used, help create a special tactile experience when you swap the pages as the months go on. Each piece undertakes a print job which requires 25 plates to be changed on our antique press machine, involving 2 types of printing.


To match the wood stand of the calendar, we use an ink color that compliments it perfectly. The 100% recycled wood stands are handcrafted and engraved with a subtle Papira signature, in-house. This makes for original, varied pieces that are full of personality and individuality.


The stands can be kept for future yearly calendar pages, making the calendar a 100% sustainable product.


Making for a perfect Holiday gift, the desk calendar comes in a custom and elegant Papira branded box, characteristic of our brand, highlighting the labor of love that went into creating this product.


Calendar Size: 100mm x 220mm

Ready to ship in 1-2 business days


(*) Note that colors may slightly vary, depending on the configuration of each screen.


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Behind the Papira Letterpress Desk Calendar


The story starts in rural Transylvania when we came across our family-owned 50-year-old oak wood, it sparked an idea to create a unique, timeless piece of art. Coupled with our love for all things nature-inspired, sustainable, and handmade paper, the concept of a desk Calendar started to take shape in our minds.


With many of us, all over the world being stuck at our desks or at home, it was important to adopt a minimal design, that can be integrated seamlessly into this environment. We wanted to make a one-of-a-kind piece of stationery that not only is beautiful to look at but is at the same time 100% sustainable.


From the wood stand to the paper and even the packaging, all parts are created and crafted in our studio, by the Papira team.