Sealing wax BURGUNDY- 5 sticks




QUANTITY: 5 rounded sealing wax sticks

SIZE:  140mm long x 11mm diameter

FINISHED PRODUCT: 1 stick = aprox. 12 wax seals with 25mm diameter

Sealing wax BURGUNDY – 5 sticks

  • Flexible wax safe from cracking or breaking when mailing.
  • Our wax has a non-greasy formula which prevents absorption, leaving the paper stain-free.
  • The sealing wax sticks can be used with the help of a sealing wax gun or with the help of a melting wax spoon, which you can find here.
  • With the help of these wax sticks you can create decorative seals and personalize various objects: albums, postcards, envelopes, parcels, invitations, etc.
  • The wax is not brittle and can be applied to various surfaces: paper, cardboard, wood, etc.